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The Battlerun got a new website!

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 07 September 2006 (20:46) 0 Comments

The Battlerun's new website is finally finished! It's made by Atrax and it's looking great :)

Go check it out at

He also added a new forum. Go register there :)

ESS Tournament 2006!

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 28 June 2006 (20:44) 0 Comments

It's finished! The ESS Tournament 2006. The winner is turSKA. It was a tight final but turSKA ended up with 2 points win against Tib. A more detailed report can be read in the forums.
A thanks to all players who played in the tournament!


Change of design

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 05 June 2006 (14:11) 0 Comments

Change of design!

Another design of ESS is here! With this new site all admins can login and get some basic stuff. (Admins can ask me on msn for their login info.)

The New Things!

  • The "Make BF server" tutorial is finally here, and I hope it will help you to make a working server.
  • A contact form is added too. So all questions can be asked there.
  • The Server Status page has gone through a big lift up, with a new script and new design. You can also check the status of other popular servers.
  • Rules page has been updated.
  • Plus some minor changes

Thats about it! I hope you like the new site.


New design

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 23 November 2005 (19:02) 0 Comments

So then it's time to introduce a new design of ESS again! With the new design I added a shoutbox, where you can ask a question or just say "Hi".
Hope you like it

New stuff

  • Design.

  • Shoutbox.

  • New logo for ESS

  • Join ventrilo link.

  • The structure is more organized.

  • Statistics page got a new design.