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Tama's Back

Posted by Zoolander at 16 August 2009 (22:33) 0 Comments

Japanese Player Tama from the SOJ (Shout of Joy) Clan is back with another sweet video.  52 seconds, what the...?  He's got a baby soldier.

More here

[VS] Objective Map Weekend

Posted by Zoolander at 24 April 2009 (11:13) 0 Comments

[VS] Empire will be hosting the Objective Map from some time later today for the rest of the weekend. 

The objective is to defend your own teams tank while trying to kill the enemy teams tank.  A wide range of changes was made to fix the problems that earlier versions of the map had.  Read full details about map at this link.

Remember, working as a team is essential to win the game.

The Sky in Games

Posted by Zoolander at 20 February 2009 (19:14) 0 Comments

I love articles that PC Games Hardware does like this where they show how game graphics have progressed over the years.  You only can realise how far we've come when you take a look at the past.  From the simple static sky used in early games (and even now a days, cough Battlefield 1942) to the moving cloud filled skies of modern games.

Click this link to see the slideshow.

Below is the best I could find for the SW Demo and 2 for Stalker that just made me say 'WOW' and hammer the screenshot key.



Continuing with this theme, I've created a Game Photography Topic in the forum where you can share your own breathtaking game screenshots.  Please include only screenshots that you have taken yourself and not pre-release shots from the developers.

Goblin Tournament is Over

Posted by Zoolander at 15 February 2009 (10:23) 4 Comments NEW


Lets Play Server

Goblin Map --->

Sunday 15th February at 12noon (CST), 6pm (GMT) 


Positions for up to 30 pilots. 

Goblins is a deathmatch map, therefore you kill anything that moves. One 30 minute round. Highest number of kills after 30 minutes will be the undisputed goblin champion of the demo. 

Server Password:

Shooting soldiers or planes on ground is allowed both with goblin and natter. 

Bailing out of your plane is not allowed. Parachutes do not work, so bailing out when someone sets your plane on fire simply leads to you killing yourself and the other pilot not getting any points. Excessive bailing in mid air will result in point deductions. 

Landing your plane and getting into another one is allowed. 

Added a repair zone in hellendoorn. Land in main street to have your plane fixed. 

Please read the Goblin map topic if you want information on the level. 

Post in the comments or in the forum to signup, and signup only if you know you can make the above time and date. 

The Real Life McDonell XF-85 Goblin
Here's a link to the real life 'flying egg' detailing it's development and eventual cancellation.

Let's Play Server - Sniper Only Weekend

Posted by Zoolander at 13 February 2009 (19:40) 0 Comments

Continuing with the on-going special one weapon kit only weekends, Let's Play server will be running 'Sniper only' this weekend.  Following a vote it was decided that both Axis and Allied Sniper Rifles will be available.