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Posted by Zoolander at 11 February 2009 (23:16) 1 Comment NEW

Voice Control for Battlefield 1942

This is a brilliant program created way back close to when the original game came out by the German clan 'fhdw-bkm'It has features for both ordinary game players and server admins.  It allows you to speak commands into a microphone and have them converted into in game actions.  For example you can say 'Armour' into your microphone and the program will automatically press the F3 and F1 buttons in game for you to say 'Enemy Armour Spotted'.  All without you having to ever stop what you where doing to look down for the F3 and F1 buttons and work out which ones you actually have to press in the 1st place. 

Battlevoice for Players

For players Battlevoices main purpose it to simulate the Function Buttons (F1-F7).  Need a pickup?  Yell 'pickup' in your mic and watch it appear as in game text.

Battlevoice for Admins

This is where the really special stuff comes in.  You can simply say 'kickplayer 5' into your mic and watch as player 5 is kicked.   No alt tabbing out to see the remote manger, no typing in the console, no even having to stop shooting.  You can carry out loads of commands, ban, change map, next map, pause, restart etc.
  All you need to do is use the login details for username and password that you have set on the Admin tab of the Battlefield Server Manager.  There's nothing cooler than saying kick and poof, they're gone.

Battlevoice Customization

The program commands can be fully customized in a simple text file to add new commands or change existing ones to how you like.  Simply open the right file in the grammars1.3 folder of battlevoice with notepad or wordpad and edit away.  The power of this is amazing.  Some example of how I have mine setup.

I say jump, parachute, lie down, enter vehicle, exit, spawn screen etc. and those things happen.
I can say knife, pistol, main gun, grenade to change to those weapons.
I have also added the tag player function to my admin commands so i can say 'tag player 1' and it happens.
I also spent a long time adding lots of common chat messages.  I can say yes, no, nice one, cheater, etc.
I've also added lots of chat messages to inform my teammates of enemy locations.  Saying 'Church Tower' and it is typed into the game for me as 'Enemy - In church tower'.  'Graveyard' = 'Enemy in graveyard etc. I have pretty much all of hellendoorn covered. 
I've even added the websites of the 3 most popular SW Demo websites to my file.  I can say Elite Sniper, Valiant Strike or Let's Play website, and have the url of the site typed in the chat.

The only commands that won't work well are functions in game where you keep a button pushed down for extended periods e.g. Movement controls, fire button etc. 

I have uploaded my settings file to here.  Just place it inside the battlevoice/grammars1.3 folder.  Note however that a lot of these commands are setup to simulate my in game controls so might not work for you.  Simply edit the text file to your chosen controls, add your own commands, remove, whatever...  Also keep a backup of the original in case you make a mess.

My Comments

I absolutely love the program.  The amount of time saving is great.  I really don't even have to type a chat message any more due to me having all my common phrases saved.  This is let alone the advantage that can be created in teamplay.  You can actually say fire in the hole when you throw a grenade or tell your teammate to wait and not go round a corner into a group of enemies or say exactly where the enemy is without even having to stop shooting.

The only problems I have are that the hotkey doesn't want to map to my mouse thumb buttons.  I will find a 3rd party emulator to achieve this function fairly easily I'm sure.
Also when putting in chat messages you lose some amount of control in your movements.  I'm pretty sure that I can program the game.sayall command in to alleviate this somehow though.

Other than those 2 small niggles which I can probably fix, the program is brilliant.  5 out of 5 from me easily.

It was also very funny how much skepticism I was met with in the last 2 days testing and setting this up in a multiplayer server.  Telling people that I just wrote that message, kicked that player, or opened my parachute by only talking was met with comments like 'stfu, that's impossible'.  ha ha, how I laughed and spammed messages are a rate no mere mortal could type at.


Go to fhdw-bkm clans webpage here.  They have all the information you should need there and in their forum.  If you use their program and like it then please visit their forum and say thank you like I have done.


I am using the program X Mouse now to map my mouse thumb button as the hotkey.  Get it here

Return of Closed Beta for BF Heroes: February 11th

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 10 February 2009 (21:44) 4 Comments NEW

The beta of BF Heroes is once again back. This time with more than 100 000 submitted people in the sign up list. That means very little chance to get to play if you submit now. However if you were in the last beta you will be able to play this one too (great!). If you submitted for the last beta but didn't get in, then you will have a greater chance of playing this beta. 

Hopefully they have included a friend system so you can play with friends now. If you get in the beta (or already are in), post in the comments so we can play together!

For more information see official website.

Best Battlefield 1942 Video Ever

Posted by Zoolander at 10 February 2009 (09:54) 0 Comments

Goblin Tournament - 15 Feb 09 - Signup

Posted by Zoolander at 09 February 2009 (11:16) 7 Comments NEW


Lets Play Server

Goblin Map --->

Sunday 15th February at 12noon (CST), 6pm (GMT)


Positions for up to 30 pilots.

Goblins is a deathmatch map, therefore you kill anything that moves. One 30 minute round. Highest number of kills after 30 minutes will be the undisputed goblin champion of the demo.

Server Password:

Shooting soldiers or planes on ground is allowed both with goblin and natter.

Bailing out of your plane is not allowed. Parachutes do not work, so bailing out when someone sets your plane on fire simply leads to you killing yourself and the other pilot not getting any points. Excessive bailing in mid air will result in point deductions.

Landing your plane and getting into another one is allowed.

Added a repair zone in hellendoorn. Land in main street to have your plane fixed.

Please read the Goblin map topic if you want information on the level.

Post in the comments or in the forum to signup, and signup only if you know you can make the above time and date.

The Real Life McDonell XF-85 Goblin
Here's a link to the real life 'flying egg' detailing it's development and eventual cancellation.

Hellendoorn Mistakes

Posted by Zoolander at 08 February 2009 (20:39) 3 Comments NEW


This is just a fun post about some of the mistakes that I've noticed the original developers made when creating the Hellendoorn level. Of course we all know about the various glitches from objects being too close together, too low (dome) or the various small gaps in buildings that you shouldn't be able to squeeze through but can, but here's a couple relating to the vegetation.

These first 2 are just 2 bits of grass that are floating above the ground

The other 2 I've noticed are these 2 trees. The top of them is just about visible at ground level and they catch vehicles trying to drive over.

Lastly, the more I look at this particular stretch of water below the dome, the more I think that they must have had a bridge across here at some point. Notice how square the land is, as is the case everywhere else were a bridge is located on the map.

Noticed anything else strange? Post in the comments.