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Let's Play Server - Jetpack Only Weekend

Posted by Zoolander at 07 February 2009 (20:09) 0 Comments


Continuing with the on-going special one weapon kit only weekends, Let's Play server will be running 'Jetpack only' this weekend.

Battlefield 1943 Gameplay Video

Posted by Zoolander at 07 February 2009 (12:04) 0 Comments


IGN have posted their thoughts of hands on time with Battlefield 1943 here. The main points are:

  • Release date in the summer
  • Infantryman weapons - Sub Machinegun, Bazooka, and a wrench that you can hit people with or repair vehicles
  • Rifleman weapons - Semi-Automatic Rifle and Rifle-Grenades
  • Scout weapons - Sniper Rifle and the old engineer's TNT
  • Optional Spawn Point System that spawns you at spawn point closet to action
  • Bomber Shack - A building you can enter and it gives you control of 3 bombers

Also they have posted the gameplay video below. Seems like the interface is a lot consolefied.

Joystiq have posted their time here. Mostly it covers the same things, but does mention that there will be a squad system with 3x 4 man squads on each team.

Last but not least we have 1up with their story here. The main problem they have is that at the end of the round you only get a points score and no information on how many kills or deaths you had.

Kotaku Comic Con Hands On

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 06 February 2009 (22:07) 0 Comments


Kotaku have posted their thoughts of hands on time with Battlefield 1943 here. The main points are:

  • Only 3 soldier classes - Infantry, Riflemen, and Scout
  • Auto Health - I done this 18 months ago
  • Auto Ammo
  • Destructible Environments are present

Battlefield 1943 Announced

Posted by Zoolander at 06 February 2009 (17:53) 1 Comment NEW


If you live under an airtight rock or in a small, dark cave with no internet access, you may not have noticed that EA / DICE announced yesterday that they are working on Battlefield 1943. At the moment we have the following information
  • Available on Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and PC download
  • Uses the Frostbite Engine that powered Battlefield Bad Company, which means destructible buildings
  • Pricing similar to Braid (Currently 1500 MS Points = $15)
  • 350 MB download on Xbox Live
  • Max 24 players
  • 2 armies - US Marines & Japanese Imperial Army
  • Conquest game mode only
  • Ability to level up, but won't give you weapons or abilities
  • 3 maps with 5 capture points each. Wake Island, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima
  • Japanese army can melee with a samurai sword
  • No unlocks but customizable load outs
  • Kits with variety of weapons

It would appear that it is basically 1942 with updated graphics and physics, which I personally like the idea of. Note that the full title is Battlefield 1943: Pacific, which suggests that if this goes well, we will see Battlefield 1943: Europe, Africa, Russia etc. I believe this may be a case of EA / DICE trying to carry out smaller, faster development during these hard financial times to keep their income going.

Visit for the official site.
PlanetBattlefield to keep up to date with the latest news.
Also Gamespot for the first hands on test, video interview with creators and tour of DICE's expensive offices.

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The Reign of Zoolander...

Posted by Zoolander at 06 February 2009 (10:03) 0 Comments

...has begun. Hopefully I will post some news and stuff.