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Merry Christmas

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 24 December 2008 (12:42) 0 Comments

The admins of ESS wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

// Admins

Spotify Invites

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 20 December 2008 (12:38) 0 Comments

SpotifyHo ho ho, Santa here, with lots of digitalized gifts for all you nice kids. I've got a couple of Spotify invites to give out. Though, I've noticed you guys aren't really up to date with what Spotify is. With Spotify you can stream music from their huge library of music. The music starts playing instantly after choosing a song and it is all legal - no more Limewire. Downside is you don't get the MP3s so you can't listen from your mobile or MP3 player.

Oh yes, the free version doesn't work outside Europe, so Americans GO AWAY.

Youtube: Spotify First Look

If you are interested, write in the shoutbox.

Server has gone electricity friendly

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 10 September 2008 (19:30) 34 Comments NEW

Yes! The server has gone electricity friendly! Instead of being open 24 hours a day, it will now be open 17 hours. This means the server is open from 08:00 to 01:00 GMT+1 (you'll notice when it's open). I think this will mean it is down on "prime time" in USA, but I guess not many Americans are playing in ESS due to the lag.

The statistics are being logged but it is not being updated to the website. I will get them up eventually.

Behemoth/Tomi has decided to move on

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 22 July 2008 (10:22) 1 Comment NEW

Our fellow admin, Behemoth/Tomi, has decided to resign from his admin position. I want to thank him for all the time and effort he has put into this site and server. Thank you, and good luck with the future.

The server will remain down for another week due to I'm going on another trip. Sorry!

And everyone, enjoy the summer while it lasts!

How will your Hero look?

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 20 April 2008 (12:32) 11 Comments NEW

On April 15th a new blog post was posted on This time the post was about the Character Customisation system that BF Heroes will include. The system allows the user to create its own Hero character. It is very similar to how it's made in The Sims games. So it will be very familiar to all you guys reading this, because I know you all have played (play?) The Sims a lot.

Well, what can you change on your character? In-fact you can change a lot of things. You begin with choosing which class you want to play with (like in Battlefield 1942), then choosing which colors your Hero should be in, and finally name it. This is when the "Sims editing" starts. On your Hero you can customize face, head, neck, accessory, body, chest, hands, waist, legs and finally feet. As you can see you can customize pretty much everything on your Hero. Though, it's not only your skin/look that is customizable, but also your weapons and abilities.

To read the whole article go to

My hero will look like Gny. Sgt. Hartman, from the Full Metal Jacket movie. That's for sure. I hope you can choose his hat among the items in BF Heroes.

How will your hero look?