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Up to Date

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Site is Back

As you can see the site is back from being down a few days last week. It was down because the hosting had expired. I have now renewed it for another year! In fact this will be the fifth year online in ESS's history.

Only the Best Renewal of Design

If you haven't been to OtB's website recently then you should have a look as they have updated it with a new design.

Battlefield Heroes

Again for those who hasn't been up to date lately. Battlefield Heroes is a new coming game from EA Games, developed by DICE, like the other Battlefield series are.

The game is said to be similar to the Battlefield 1942 games, but with cartoon-y graphics and much simpler game play. It will also be free to download but with ads to support for the cost. You should also be able to buy for upgrades (e.g. weapons, skins).

Yes, you heard right. Free game! Maybe something for ESS to run a server at? Time will tell.

The release date is set to summer 2008, but there are not many pictures available. The place to look for new info is at the new Battlefield Heroes website:

Stats Uploader

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Stats Uploader

I've released a new program, called Stats Uploader.
Stats Uploader was made to people who runs BF1942 servers and want to upload stats to a website.
Stats Uploader uses the BFStats generator to make the HTML stats files, and then uploads it to an FTP server.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Bruno leaving

Bruno has decided to leave both the demo and ESS as he's moving back to Chicago. We in ESS want to thank Bruno for all the work he has done here in ESS. He has been a very big help to us.

Thank you Bruno and good luck with what you will do in the future!

Latest posts

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I have changed the latest post list again now as many didn't like it how it was.
Now it shows "New" before the topic name if it is LESS than 4 hours old. And if you hold the mouse over the link then you will see when the latest post was made.

If you still don't like it, put a comment in the shoutbox and explain how you would want it.

I didn't change back to the old one as I lost it.

BF Server Joiner

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BF Server Joiner BETA
I have been working on a new program for a few days now and it is stable enough for you guys to test it. It's called BF Server Joiner. Maybe you get the purpose of it already but here it goes anyway:

  • Make your own list of favourite servers.
  • Get current number of players in the server.
  • Able to join the server by just choosing server and clicking join. No more loading BF and searching servers!

That is the basic stuff it offers. It's not suppose to be a big program, just a little quick program that will make your life easier.
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