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Restarted Stats

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 28 October 2007 (10:13) 0 Comments

After some problems with the stats, I have choosed to restart them.

So go play and be first in stats!

New mod, new stats

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 29 August 2007 (22:04) 0 Comments

The server will now be running the knife mod untill further notice. With this I have also reseted the stats. So all scores/kills from now on has been made by knives.

When (If) you start to dislike the knife mod, please let me know in the shoutbox.

Internet Connection

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 11 August 2007 (21:07) 0 Comments

My Internet connection seems to be back to normal now. So the server will start running again.

Sorry for the long break.

Note: The server is on, even tho the server status page shows it as offline.

Server has been on for a few days now but now it's time for another break :/
The PSU on the server PC has burned. A new one is on order so it will take a couple of days untill the server is back online.

Got the PSU and installed it without problems! The server is back to normal.


Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 02 August 2007 (22:34) 0 Comments

The guy that has been spamming links in the shoutbox. Teddydobr. Has created a site where he claims he has made alot of usefull programs, but infact they are all infected with viruses.
He even claims he has made a new version of my program Stats Uploader, but its all lies.

Dont download any files from Anthrax-Crew's website (on freewebs). They are virus infected.

Some kids dont have anything better to spend their time with. Sad but true.

New mod!

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 27 April 2007 (23:53) 0 Comments

Zoolander (with help of a few others) has made a really impressive mod to the BF SW demo. Go check it out in the forums.

- To download the mod, click here