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The stats is renewed

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 21 January 2007 (16:41) 0 Comments

As the title says, the stats is renewed.
Good luck with new stats :)

Also the forum is back working.

Merry Christmas

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 24 December 2006 (11:06) 0 Comments

Me and all the admins of ESS wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New admin

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 21 December 2006 (22:10) 0 Comments

New admin

ESS has got a new admin, Dookie. Welcome to the crew.

Site updates

The server status page has been updated with more servers. The "Fast links" on the right side has been updated with more links

Server updates

Also the reserved password for the server is changed, so you dont have to try to join with the old password. The new password is for admins only, so don't even ask for it.

Stats reseted.

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 11 October 2006 (22:57) 0 Comments

Unfortunately after a crash the stats have to be renewed. Im sorry for that. Congratulations to Bruno for the excellent score!

Top 10:

  Nick Score
1. *-[Bruno]-* 2632/1057
2. -{BTC}- *-*tib*-* 2009/444
3. Farmer Zimmer 1926/1444
4. -{BTC}-Slugger 1928/1352
5. _Owner_(EST) 1848/1209
6. ARMY of HELL 1637/594
7. <<{BtK}>>Karstanova 1387/956
8. [LPS] Bernd 1336/1263
9. The Horizon 1308/685
10. matt 1299/2277

Best K:D ratio of a regulary player:

-{BTC}- BELGIAN ICEDUCK 339/44 K:D: 7,7
Good luck with playing!

ESS The Last Stand 2006

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- at 23 September 2006 (21:31) 0 Comments

Congratulations to Dookie, the winner of ESS tournament 2006!

The final was very even. Almost the same as the last tournament where Turska and Tib fought. But in the end Dookie won over Nutty Estonian with 12-10.

To find more info about the tournament read the forum topic about the tournament.