Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - 2010

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This year is coming to its end now. It has been a very quick year, and a lot has happened in our lives - but like most of you have noticed there hasn't been much change in this website or in the Battlefield gaming community. It is inevitable to say that the game is steadily - but slowly - decreasing in active users. Though, that doesn't stop us from playing a game once in a while, and I must say it's still really fun to play.

We will see how long this website will be able to stay up - it always surprises me when you guys keep coming back to this practically dead website and making it stay alive! Thank you.

Now let's look forward and see what this new year can bring us!

ESS team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

P.S. Got anything nice in Christmas? Please share!



Nicely put A-man. Got socks and underwear woohoo for christmas...thanks santa u ahole.
P.S. I can send pics of gift if u want?

#1 — Comment by KAS — 27 December 2009 (02:39)


No no, its not needed to send us pic's of you in your underwear Kas :p

Maybe Art will be interested, can't speak for her XD

Best wishes to all! Ho Ho Ho!!

#2 — Comment by BELGIAN ICEDUCK — 27 December 2009 (21:30)

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