About ESS

EliteSniperServer was started by me, The#1, year 2003 and has now existed for more than 16 years. When I started playing BF1942-SW Demo I was a big fan of the sniper rifle, and quickly got good at it. I played a lot in the server called Killer Wimp Server which was a sniper only server. After a while I felt that I wanted to try to make my own server, and host sniper only too. So that's what I did!

The name was easy to figure out; Elite Sniper, which after a while became EliteSniperServer. After the server had ran for a year or so more people started to complain that sniper only was boring, so I removed the rule, and made it tanks friendly. But don't think everyone was happy then, no, no. All I heard now was "Why don't you run sniper only, as the name is Elite Sniper Server?".

I kept running the server with normal rules (tanks allowed). But we (admins and I) played sniper rounds once in a while, mixed with tanks rounds. So that most people would enjoy playing in ESS.

Today ESS is a well known server, with a community filled with BF players. The server is running different types of mods, like knives only, zooka only and sniper only.

Past Designs of ESS website

First Design

Design Number 1

I made this page right after I came up with a name for my new server. I wanted to have something on the Net as fast as possible. I ran the website on my server, so the site was down when the server was off.

Design 2

Design Number 2

This was the first "big" design I made for ESS. It had the basic information. Such as stats, rules, etc.

Design 3

Design Number 3

With inspiration from another site I made this design. It turned out pretty well. This was also my start point for developing ASP. At this point the login from was only used by me to administrate the website.

Design 4

Design Number 4

This version was made without any inspiration from other sites (like the previous version was). I still like the parts of it. Some downsides are the logo and there should have been a background color behind the main content. A new feature on this version was that you could register as a member and login in the form. Somehow I can't remember what you could do when you logged in.

Design 5

Design Number 5

This is the worst design I have made for ESS. I had just learned how to use the "Pen tool" to make round corners, and thought it would be nice for a design. It clearly wasn't. (You can also note that my nick was FS SweTiger at that time.)

Design 6

Design Number 6

This design was inspired alot by Battlefield 1942. I had this design for quite some time untill I made a new one.

Design 7

Design Number 7

This design was quite successful aswell. New in this design/version was a shoutbox. A nice feature if you ask me.

Design 8

Design Number 8

New design, and new features was all that came with this version. For example a new contact form, new server status page and the "Create a BF1942 server"-tutorial. This design lasted more than a year.