How to add a buddy in game

Posted by Zoolander at 06 February 2009 (18:31). Viewed 2895 times. Back to tutorial list
The demo has a buddy system. You can add people you are friendly with to your buddy list and anything they do or say will show up on your interface in green writing. Most of us use this to add ourselves to our own buddy list. This makes it easier to see what you've said and importantly, make it easier to see when you've got a kill.

To do this hold in your score button. In the last column after your name you find your player number. Remember this number.

Next open the console. This can be opened in a few different ways depending on your computer. It will either be the '~' or ` button just below the escape button.

Type in 'ab' followed by the player number you got from the score screen. Example 'ab 10'. Press enter when done and the console button again to close it.

Now everything you do will show up in green, making it easier to see when you get a kill.