How to install a 'Download Only' mod

Posted by Zoolander at 07 February 2009 (12:10). Viewed 3839 times. Back to tutorial list
This will show you how to install a mod for the Battlefield 1942 SW Demo that uses a single hellendoorn_001 type method. This can be used to play Traptown, The Hidden or 8 Rockets per Second and may also apply to other people's maps that uses the one file system.

Step 1
Download Traptown by clicking here. This will take you to a website as shown below. Click the 'Download' button

Next click the 2nd download button.

Choose somewhere to save it where you can remember, such as the desktop for example.

Step 2
Find where you saved the file. It should be called '' and double click it to open it. When it opens it will look either of 2 ways.

1. If it looks like below, then right click the 'Hellendoorn_001' file and choose copy from the menu.

2. The other way it may look if you have WINRAR installed is like this. With this method, click the 'Hellendoorn_001' file once, then click the 'File' menu and choose 'Copy files to clipboard' from the menu.

Step 3
Next find the icon that you use to start the SW demo with. In my case it is on the desktop. Right click your icon and choose 'Properties' from the menu.

This will give you a screen as below. Click the 'Shortcut' tab and press the 'Find target' button.

Step 4

This should open a Window as below. From here open the 'Mods' Folder.

'XPack2' Folder

'Archives' folder

'bf1942' folder

and finally the 'Levels' folder

Step 5
Now press the 'Edit' button and press the 'Paste' option.

You should now have a Hellendoorn and Hellendoorn_001 files in this folder.

Step 6
You can now start your game whatever way you normally do. When you get to the server list join a server that is running the Traptown map to play.

To play in a normal server again, repeat steps 4 and 5. Next right click on the hellendoorn_001 file and choose 'cut' from the menu. Then go somewhere where you can easily remember on your computer and paste this file to there.