How to run the SW Demo in a Widscreen or Custom Resolution

Posted by Zoolander at 20 February 2009 (20:22). Viewed 2921 times. Back to tutorial list
If you have a fancy widescreen monitor, a netbook or just a monitor that runs at an unusual resolution, then you may want to modify the Secret Weapons Demo to run at your monitors native resolution.  This will mean that you won't have the game's graphics being squashed or stretched to suit your screen size.  It's pretty simple and will only take 5 minutes.

Step 1
Find the icon that you use to start the SW demo with. In my case it is on the desktop. Right click your icon and choose 'Properties' from the menu.

This will give you a screen as below. Click the 'Shortcut' tab and press the 'Find target' button.

Step 2

This should open a Window as below.

From here open the 'Mods' Folder, 'bf1942' Folder, 'Settings' Folder, 'Profiles' Folder and finally the 'Custom' Folder.

This will give you a folder as below.

Here you need to open both the 'Video' and 'VideoCustom' files with either Notepad or Wordpad.]

When opened you need to look for the line 'game.setGameDisplayMode'.  We are going to change the numbers after this to match the screen resolution that you want to run at.  The first number will be your horizontal resolution and the 2nd number your vertical resolution.

For example changed to my monitor's native resolution of 1680x1050, you will have the text file looking like this.

Save the file and repeat for the other text file.

The 3rd number, represents the colour depth.  This should be set at either 16 (if you computer is slow) or 32 (for everyone else).

The 4th number is the refresh rate.  You should really leave this alone unless you know what you are doing.

Once you are done, you can launch the game and see your new resolution in effect.