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Posted by Briamgog — 20 October 2017 (20:51)


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Posted by JeszeTut — 16 October 2017 (12:54)


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Posted by Briamgog — 16 October 2017 (12:32)

United States Raybo

Roger that!

Posted by Raybo — 13 October 2017 (04:54)

Netherlands Thunderer

Just checking in, so that atleast one comment is non-bot

Posted by Thunderer — 11 October 2017 (22:55)


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Posted by RamonzMox — 11 October 2017 (14:56)


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Posted by Franzbreme — 11 October 2017 (14:31)


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Posted by Jazeshyday — 11 October 2017 (12:46)


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Posted by Zillysmam — 11 October 2017 (12:02)


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Posted by Guestdoori — 04 September 2017 (16:15)


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Posted by Anthozyadado — 16 August 2017 (01:20)


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Posted by ZraigceshY — 14 August 2017 (14:32)

Finland Niinkö

Niinkö? t Niinkömies

Posted by Niinkö — 08 July 2017 (20:54)

Canada Bm

Yeah gl getting that to work lache

Posted by Bm — 09 February 2017 (06:36)

European Union Thunderer

Sounds good! Better plan it in the far future so that a sufficient amount of people will actually notice the event.

First of june?

Posted by Thunderer — 24 January 2017 (12:53)


wait a minut. if every1s still here, then why dont we make a day where we all met on demo and play a few rounds for the fun?

Posted by army — 21 January 2017 (10:11)

United States Me

Hey it's Me!

Posted by Me — 14 January 2017 (19:25)

Netherlands Thunderer

Merry christmas!

Posted by Thunderer — 26 December 2016 (18:50)

United States Raybo

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas mates!

Posted by Raybo — 25 December 2016 (21:36)

United Kingdom Marcus

Hope you all have a merry Christmas. Much love xoxo

Posted by Marcus — 23 December 2016 (02:36)

Canada BM

Join the fun The 1: http://team-simpl...

Posted by BM — 23 October 2016 (06:17)

United States ManOfFury

hello friends. 12 year anniversary of when i downloaded the game initially.

Posted by ManOfFury — 18 October 2016 (21:07)

Sweden -{ T h e # 1 }-

Hah. I found a way to get full BF1942 working on Win 10. Still a great game.

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- — 14 October 2016 (18:10)

Spain Juseph

Good times playing demo.

Posted by Juseph — 29 August 2016 (15:27)

United States I am

Hey!It's me!

Posted by I am — 08 August 2016 (12:42)


If anyone has a ps4, add me! AciidSyndrome

Posted by Marcus — 03 July 2016 (15:31)

Germany Behemoth

staph u imposter ;_;

Posted by Behemoth — 29 April 2016 (09:18)


Is that so?

Posted by Behemoth — 29 April 2016 (09:16)

Canada BM

I want to have one last match there. 3v3 / 4v4 infantry with hankes, magnus, and others. lets do it

Posted by BM — 06 April 2016 (22:50)


mamba, its time to move on from the FULL BF version, let alone the demo XD. demo is at graveyard resting in peace haaahaaaahahahha

Posted by army — 05 April 2016 (15:01)

Canada Mamba

The demo was fun in it's day, but now it's time to move on. Go play full BF at least, they are still serious about it. Still don't understand how this domain is still up lol.

Posted by Mamba — 02 April 2016 (01:06)

United States Snap

not sure if iceduck still lurks on this, hope hes ok after recent terror attack. hope all you eu peeps are ok too.

Posted by Snap — 22 March 2016 (16:09)

United Kingdom Zoolander

There's barely any demos of any kind anymore. That era appears to be over.

Posted by Zoolander — 02 March 2016 (21:09)

Sweden -{ T h e # 1 }-

Uh oh. Bastards. There will never be a demo like this one...

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- — 02 March 2016 (11:33)

United Kingdom Zoolander

Haven't tried. No point now that the master server list is turned off :(

Posted by Zoolander — 28 February 2016 (22:10)

Sweden -{ T h e # 1 }-

Anyone got the demo working on WIN 10?

Posted by -{ T h e # 1 }- — 02 February 2016 (23:48)

United States RN

Try again Tomi

Posted by RN — 11 January 2016 (23:21)

Finland Behemoth

Posted by Behemoth — 08 January 2016 (10:49)

United States Army Killer

lol he still talks like a little wimpy boy

Posted by Army Killer — 27 August 2015 (03:00)

Denmark army

dont worry my Fellow demo brothaz, i wiped off all the wannabe pros on retail for you, i killed the inf once and for all. vini vedi vici, i came, i saw, i conquered, i made Stalingrad my bitch

Posted by army — 04 August 2015 (13:29)

Netherlands EmperorDodo

Oops, my steam username is EmperorDodo atually

Posted by EmperorDodo — 27 April 2015 (20:37)

Canada Texture

Damn 10 years ago and this site still up, sick, whats everyone playing now a days

Posted by Texture — 31 March 2015 (17:47)

Netherlands Thunderer

Sure has been a long time ago. When I played this for the first time, I was still in the last year of Elementary School.. :P Currently on my way to gaining my undergrad. In case anyone is in for a few rounds on World of Tanks; hit me up on steam on silver-khaze.
I would enjoy gaming
some time with you guys, again! :)

Posted by Thunderer — 12 January 2015 (00:11)

European Union Hankes

good old times.
hit me up on xfire:

Posted by Hankes — 29 December 2014 (00:15)

Spain [PME]


Posted by [PME] — 12 November 2014 (19:41)

Canada FS Chaos

Just wanted to say hello to my old gaming crowd... used to play here before high school, now I'm a college grad and working in an office. Oh how time flies!

Posted by FS Chaos — 03 October 2014 (21:26)

Spain Juseph

This is maybe the best website about BF. Because you can find really nice tutorials and they have an organized structure. Thanks

Posted by Juseph — 13 August 2014 (21:55)


I miss you people.

Posted by :( — 09 August 2014 (21:42)

Bulgaria Me

Hey its Me

Posted by Me — 21 June 2014 (16:52)

Denmark army

i can make this demo alive in a minut if i wanted to, too bad the game is 2ez for me and boring damn

Posted by army — 04 June 2014 (14:20)

Spain Juseph


Posted by Juseph — 14 April 2014 (19:34)


Holy s***. This website is still here? Add me on Skype if any one remembers me: Hug1986

Posted by Huggy — 10 April 2014 (17:25)


Good to see site is still running. Hope everyones doing well.

Posted by DOC — 23 March 2014 (13:01)


2006 = Good times:)

Posted by Bruno — 14 March 2014 (06:47)

Netherlands Thunderer

And a happy new year

Posted by Thunderer — 25 January 2014 (08:51)

United States Duvel Drinker

Merry Christmas mates

Posted by Duvel Drinker — 25 December 2013 (05:26)


Man it really is random but some times the perfect combo of words on a website will make me remember elite sniper server & I'll come check on the site, also damn that spammer down there. Happy holidays.

Posted by [AR]Mercenarie[^] — 19 December 2013 (07:15)

Indonesia ade

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Posted by ade — 24 November 2013 (13:10)

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Posted by ade — 24 November 2013 (13:09)

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Posted by ade — 24 November 2013 (13:08)

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Posted by ade — 24 November 2013 (13:06)

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Posted by ade — 24 November 2013 (13:05)

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Posted by ade — 24 November 2013 (13:03)

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Posted by ade — 24 November 2013 (13:02)

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Posted by ade — 24 November 2013 (13:01)

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Posted by ade — 24 November 2013 (12:56)

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Posted by ade — 24 November 2013 (12:55)

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Posted by ade — 23 November 2013 (15:43)

Indonesia [url=]pok


Posted by [url=]pok — 23 November 2013 (15:41)


Yeah bring ESS back for one last TDM match, in which army can prone bug all of us wooo

Posted by BM — 17 November 2013 (04:38)


Sniper only!

Posted by The#1 — 29 October 2013 (19:03)

Netherlands Thunderer


Posted by Thunderer — 27 October 2013 (15:23)

United States MOF

love u all

Posted by MOF — 23 July 2013 (19:09)


rofl bruno u play gunz? im in freestyle gunz atm.. whats ur main account names etc? u play freestyle gunz? or whats ur name in universe gunz ? ;p

Posted by army — 13 July 2013 (18:39)


Awh I was hopping someone else had a bit of spare time, haha this is antique it's nice that you keep it up & even nicer that people stop by & check it.

Posted by [AR]Mercenarie[^] — 26 June 2013 (17:45)


@ Merc

Nope:( Haven't played any games in ages... Last thing I played was the Demo like 6 months ago or so. Im downloading universe gunz right now. Its Been like forever since I played Gunz, but i'll give it a shot :)

Posted by Bruno — 25 May 2013 (21:17)


Might as well restart the server, for old time's sake

Posted by BM — 20 May 2013 (06:35)

United States Adam


Posted by Adam — 27 April 2013 (02:56)


Hey! Its antique! Needs to be preserved :-)

Posted by The#1 — 18 March 2013 (09:39)


Oh old times, old times... when we were young and beautiful :p
It's crazy that the1 still keeps it up

Posted by pojke — 18 March 2013 (08:46)

Reserved army

ye come at me in universe gunz. im a fuker beast

Posted by army — 12 March 2013 (09:23)


Do any of you play anything now a days? V hey look it's farmer.

Posted by [AR]Mercenarie[^] — 29 January 2013 (17:26)

 Farmer Zimmer

It lives, amazing :)

Posted by Farmer Zimmer — 17 January 2013 (18:38)

Netherlands Thunderer

Happy new year, all!

Posted by Thunderer — 31 December 2012 (15:31)


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Posted by Marcus — 25 December 2012 (01:16)


Hey It's Me!

Posted by Me — 23 December 2012 (17:40)

Reserved army

where is artemis I KNOW U READ THIS LINDA. u been known me since i was a kid XDDDDDD

Posted by army — 26 September 2012 (08:59)

Reserved army

bwahahha killer wimp sniper server xdddddddddddddddddddddd

Posted by army — 26 September 2012 (08:58)

United States Killer Wimp

Just checking in after all these years.Miss running my old sniper server.

Posted by Killer Wimp — 27 August 2012 (01:05)


Heyyy!!! It's damm Me again :) !

Posted by Me — 26 July 2012 (17:24)

Spain Kobe Bryant

SPAIN EUROPEAN CHAMPION!!!! f*** you "your_mother"

Posted by Kobe Bryant — 26 July 2012 (02:26)

Denmark DOC


Posted by DOC — 19 July 2012 (18:05)



Posted by asad — 19 July 2012 (13:06)


He It's Me!!

Posted by Me — 10 July 2012 (19:05)

Canada BM

MOF, f*** you.

Posted by BM — 03 July 2012 (02:31)

United States MOF

Someone's having a rough life.

Posted by MOF — 01 July 2012 (03:45)

Canada BM

MOF, f*** you.

Posted by BM — 01 July 2012 (01:20)

United States MOF

I can't believe people actually thought I cheated. Everyone hated me haha, I was just too dumb to realize it as a 13 year old.

Posted by MOF — 30 June 2012 (19:14)

Canada BM

Fuck you asshole.

Posted by BM — 29 June 2012 (17:32)

Netherlands Thunderer

MOF, all I can say is that I'm glad that my english has improved :P

Posted by Thunderer — 29 June 2012 (14:24)