Ventrilo is a Voice over IP program. It is used by a lot of gamers to communicate with others when they are in-game playing. To get Ventrilo to work properly you need a headset (or a microphone and a speaker).

The ESS server has a Ventrilo server. It is not on that frequently though. If you are planing on using Ventrilo and our Ventrilo server is offline, contact us and we will turn it on.

Ventrilo Version 2.3.0Download It Here

Step By Step of Joining a Server

  1. Start Ventrilo and click on the arrow (->) beside the User Name field. You will get a popup screen, click on New and write your nick there. Click OK and OK again.

Manually Enter Server Login

  1. Click on the arrow (->) to the left of Server field. Continue with clicking on New, and enter "EliteSniperServer" (doesn't matter what you type here). Click OK.
  2. Fill in the following host name and port:
    Hostname or IP:
    Port: 3784
  3. That easy. To join the server click on Connect

The final step is still here and that is for you to start talk!

Server Status

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